Nidias Cleaning Services now offers sterilization and disinfection services with EPA registered products to fight against COVID-19!
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    Do You Want to Disinfect Your House to Protect Yourself against COVID-19?

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    Certification of performance

    Disinfection and Sterilization to Combat COVID-19 and Other Viruses, Germs, and Bacteria

    We Are Here to Help You Disinfect Your Property

    We Are Here to Help You Disinfect Your Property

    We are facing a global pandemic and it is very important that you make sure you take care of your family. Our disinfection and sanitization service is what you need to eliminate any trace of bacteria, germs or viruses. Nidias Cleaning Services has the necessary equipment to remove COVID-19 from any surface.

    Call us today and get a free estimate. Our experts are ready to help you disinfect your home. We have the necessary certifications to offer this type of service. We are an experienced team that is here to provide you with quality solutions.

    Do You Need Help Disinfecting Your Home or Business?

    Nidias Cleaning Services is a cleaning team that is committed to society to combat COVID-19. In other words, we are here to help you disinfect and sanitize your home. We are concerned about our clients and that is why we are offering this service. Call us today and get a personalized free quote.

    This is the equipment we use:

    • Gloves
    • Shoes
    • Masks
    • Caps
    • EPA-approved DSV Cleaner cleaning product

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    Keep Your Family Away from COVID-19!

    Nidias Cleaning Services is a company dedicated to offering quality solutions at affordable prices. We cover everything around Simi Valley CA. We want to make sure that our clients are safe. If you want to clean any trace of virus or germ in your house or business, then we are the team to call. Our team has the experience and the right tools to sanitize your property.

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