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How to Prepare For Coronavirus: House Cleaning Tips!

How to Prepare For Coronavirus

Welcome to another blog, today we will talk about this global emergency. We know that this is a difficult time and we want to help you to be ready to face this pandemic. In this blog, you will learn how to prepare for coronavirus or COVID-19. Each of these tips will help you keep your house clean and eliminate any germs.

You need to be alert; in other words, you need to take care of your family, therefore, we ask you to be careful and follow our tips. These are difficult times and you have to be protected. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s start with this blog and disinfect your house together.

Follow These Tips and Learn How to Prepare For Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

These days we have seen how the world is facing a pandemic that has caused many deaths. The World Health Organization has recommended that people stay home, but that does not mean that they are safe there.

This virus is dangerous and you need to disinfect your house to be safe. It is important to follow the advice of the authorities and stay home, but it is also important to disinfect your rooms.

To minimize the risk of getting sick, the (WHO) recommends disinfecting high-contact surfaces, such as cell phones, countertops, toilets, and door handles, as some pathogens can live on these surfaces for many hours.

Nidias Cleaning is here to teach you how to prepare for coronavirus; therefore, you need to follow this checklist:

1. You Need to Buy Disinfectant Products

You Need to Buy Disinfectant Products

The first thing you should do is to make sure you buy quality disinfectants. You need to find products that kill the germ and keep you away from the coronavirus. You need to read this entire blog if you want to learn how to prepare for coronavirus.

It is important to mention that disinfectant needs to remain on surfaces for several minutes before it dries. These are some of the materials you should get:

  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Spray
  • Purrelldisinfectants
  • Clorox Multi-surface cleaner
  • LysolBrand Cleaners
  • Klercide 70/30

These products will help you clean and disinfect everything in your home. It is important that you take precautions when using these products. Be sure to disinfect all surfaces at least 5 times per week.

2. Clean and Disinfect Every Room of Your House

Clean and Disinfect Every Room of Your House

COVID-19 has spread throughout the world, many countries are suffering, and therefore, you should not underestimate its propagation power. It would be very easy for an infected person to carry the germ to your home; therefore, you must make sure to disinfect everything and clean every corner and room of your house.

Authorities recommend to stay home to avoid getting infected; therefore, you must ensure that your house is clean. If you follow our steps you will be able to disinfect everything and you will be safe during the lockdown.

We created this blog to help you disinfect everything, we want you to be well. Follow our advice and stay safe. We recommend you to start in the living room and then move on to the bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms.

3. How to Prepare for Coronavirus: Wash Your Hands Frequently

How to Prepare for Coronavirus: Wash Your Hands Frequently

This is one of the basic protective measures against the new coronavirus. Your hands are in contact with everything around you; therefore, they are carriers of bacteria. It is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You should repeat this process every time you touch a surface that is not disinfected.

We know that you have heard it a thousand times, but it is important that you do it regularly. Washing your hands is the best way to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. Wash your hands after sneezing and coughing. It is also important that you repeat this step when entering or leaving your home.

These are some of the key times to clean hands:

  • Before preparing or eating food
  • After using the restroom
  • After blowing your nose or sneezing
  • Wash your hands after contact with animals

4. Use Detergent and Bleach for Laundry

Use Detergent and Bleach for Laundry

We recommend using detergent and bleach for laundry, it kills germs. You should also wear disposable gloves when handling your dirty laundry. We also recommend using reusable gloves; they are perfect for the disinfection of surfaces.

Do not shake dirty laundry; this will decrease the chance of spreading the virus in the air. Firstly, you need to clean the surfaces and then you need to disinfect. Do not waste more time, follow our tips to clean everything.

It is not known how long COVID-19 can persist on surfaces; therefore you should make sure to wash your clothes very well.

Learn How to Disinfect Devices

Learn how to disinfect devices.

This is a complicated task, you must be careful when cleaning electronic devices. We know that your computer and your cell phone are vital in this quarantine; therefore, we are going to teach you how to disinfect them.

These devices are high contact surfaces; therefore, they must be disinfected regularly. Firstly, we are going to teach you how to clean your cell phone. If you have an iPhone or Android then you should disinfect them with a disinfecting wipe that has at least 70% alcohol.

Pay attention to the screen and the side buttons. You should also disinfect the cover on both sides. You can repeat this process daily or every time you leave your house. Now that you have cleaned your cell phone you must disinfect your computer.

Laptop screens are delicate; therefore, it is recommended to use a solution of isopropyl alcohol (70 percent) and a soft towel. You should focus on the keyboard, the touchpad, the place where your wrists rest and the exterior.

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