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Use pure water as your professional window cleaning choice

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When homeowners clean their windows, it’s common that they use tap water. In fact, using it to wash and wipe any glass surfaces is one of the most common chores in every home. However, it may not be the best choice for your window cleaning needs.

Nowadays, purified water has become an unusual, yet increasingly popular choice for home and business owners alike. However, they don’t choose it by mere coincidence. The nature of both types of water is behind this decision.

Why pure water is a great for your window cleaning

“What’s wrong with my tap water?”

water reservoir los angelesAll potable water comes from a reservoir. Then, it’s given a proper treatment to send it through the mains, and then to your home. Many people wonder what the quality of water is in California, particularly in Los Angeles. The good news is that under EPA standards, it’s quite safe to drink or prepare food with LA’s tap water.

Though, even if you choose not to drink it (which is perfectly fine), what does tap water mean for your windows?

First of all, let’s determine what it has. Almost everywhere, tap water contains a specific mineral content, often measured as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). When you spray tap water onto your windows and let it dry, these minerals remain on the glass.

They just won’t evaporate and build upon the surface. As a result, your windows will develop water stains, which are a challenge for your window cleaning efforts. Even if you don’t have “hard water” – that is, with higher mineral contents – any quantity is enough to leave spots.

hard water stains windowsWhen you let this happen many times, and for longer, your windows will look worse every week.

That’s why you’ll see that professional cleaners rinse the windows and try not to leave any drops behind.

The benefits of pure water

Now, what we call purified water is mostly what residents in LA drink in bottles. Indeed, even if you don’t need it, carrying bottled water is almost a part of our culture.

All of us take it in our homes through filters that deprive the water of most minerals before it reaches the tap. These filters de-ionize the water before you can use it.

perfectly crystal clean windowIf you use this type of water for your window cleaning, you’ll see the difference right away. In fact, cleaning any glass surface is pretty straightforward. You’ll get rid of all the dirt, and you won’t have to worry about wiping any water left.

Don’t worry about the droplets you don’t wipe, though. They can dry on their own and won’t leave any marks. Your windows will look crystal clear with no fear for mineral spots. However, you can do this with purified, de-ionized water, only.

Whenever you need help with your window cleaning and keep your home clean and healthy all the time, Nidias Cleaning Services is at your service. Don’t hesitate and contact our experts to get the sparkling clean glass windows you deserve.

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