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Living Room Cleaning Checklist: Learn How to Clean Better Than the Pros!

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Have you ever thought about the importance of a bright and comfortable living room? Let me tell you that the family room plays an essential role in the process of building good relationships with your family members and friends. So, it would be a good idea to tell you what to do to keep it clean. We created this article just for you. Get the most out of our living room cleaning checklist.

The living room is the place in which we can spend time with your relatives but, it is also where you gather with your guests and neighbors. In other words, it is not only one of the most trafficked rooms in the house, but also an area that reflects your lifestyle and habits.

Nidias Cleaning Services has experience in cleaning living rooms. And we want to share with you some tips so that you can showcase your living room in its cleanest and most beautiful way.

Step-By-Step Living Room Cleaning Checklist: Follow Our Guide!

Steps for a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning up a living room is not only a routine activity; it requires an extra effort to ensure an outstanding job of maintaining a living room. We understand that this can be a complicated task and that is why we want to help you. That is why we created this guide to make everything easier for you.

This is our living room cleaning checklist:

  1. Start by washing curtains, drapes, and blinds
  2. Dust all hard surfaces
  3. Make sure all glass surfaces are shining of clean
  4. Clean the carpets and other soft furnishings
  5. Polish your furniture and make everything shine
  6. It’s time to vacuum the floor

Let’s not waste any more time, now we are going to explain what each of the steps in this checklist consists of. Get comfortable and enjoy our blog. If you are about to move, then we invite you to visit our move-out cleaning checklist.

Start by Washing Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds

How to Clean Curtains

When it comes to washing the curtains, we may have a big question: is it better to wash them by hand or by machine? And it is that although the most practical is to do it in the washing machine, the fabric of some curtains can be too delicate, so it will be necessary to wash them by hand.

To make sure you choose the right shape without damaging the fabric, you can check the washing label and, if you don’t have it, check its composition in the place where you bought it.

Take the curtains and drapes to the laundry room if they’re washable. Or to your car if you need a trip to the dry-cleaners.

After this step, the living room will be lit up. Moreover, at this point, you have to wash with a glass cleaner all your windows in the room.

Dust All Hard Surfaces

Dust All Hard Surfaces

Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth for dusting. If you have a big new TV in the room, make sure to clean the screen gently and properly.

Now, work the room from left to right, top to bottom, and dust the window casings, furniture, and decorations.

To get rid of the dust remove all the items from the walls, clean the dusty ceiling fan. Next, open everything like shelves and cabinets, or drawers to clean the inside with a microfiber cloth and cleaner.

Don’t go around items while you dust them. Pick them up to ensure every square inch of your living room is clean. At the same time, make sure to pick up at the trash and put it in the bags.

Make Sure All Glass Surfaces Are Shining of Clean

Tips for Cleaning Glass Surfaces

If you love to decorate your home with glass surfaces, you better make them shine!

Grab a dry microfiber cloth and your glass polish or cleaner. Again, to keep a good flow of the areas you clean, we advise you to work the room left to right and from top to bottom.

Polish all glass areas like tabletops, picture fronts, glass decor, fireplace doors, even interior windows.

If you feel that the microfiber cloth gets damp from the glass cleaner, you better change to a dry piece of cloth to avoid streaks in the glass.

Clean the Carpets and Other Soft Furnishings

 How to Clean Carpets

Start by vacuuming your soft furniture using the vacuum’s upholstery attachment.

In the case of smooth surfaces such as the sofa, you can use the cleaning technique known as steam cleaning to eliminate any dust mite infections, dust, germs, crumbs, and other strange things that accumulate under seating cushions.

Don’t forget to vacuum the back, sides, and front of your sofa and chairs. Now, it’s time to vacuum area rugs. You can use the dusting attachment to make sure most of the dust is removed from these carpets.

Polish Your Furniture and Make Everything Shine

How to Clean and Polish Wooden Furniture

Apply the furniture polish to a cloth and start cleaning all the hard and soft surfaces. For instance, move and clean your television, stereo, and other electronics.

The passage of time and natural wear and tear due to its use can dull and make your wooden furniture rougher.

Whether you have decided to polish the wood on the bed, kitchen drawers, desk, or library, the first thing you have to do is remove the dirt well to make sure there is no residue.

There are many types of woods and products to clean wooden furniture. If possible, choose the method that best applies based on the wood and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It’s Time to Vacuum the Floor

How to Vacuum Floors

This is one of the last things that you do in your checklist to clean your living room. So, it means, you’re almost there with your chores!

Here, you can use the regular vacuum head. Move everything aside (furniture, lamps, etc.) to remove the accumulated dust beneath and around your furniture.

There are three last things to do from our checklist to clean your living room. First, throw away the trash. Next, hang up the curtains, photographs, and artworks. Finally, Nidias Cleaning Services recommend you to spray the living room with air freshener.

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